Friday, September 23, 2011

Newsflash: Goat Babies, Round 2

Today at about 4:30pm, Josie, Diego and Ferdinand were born to Frida the goat.  We were at the library, but the neighbors children, Ruthie and Caleb (special thanks to them!), called with the news.  We rushed home in time to see the afterbirth and 3 still-wet babies scrambling about.  Now we have 10 goats: Magic, Opal and her 4 kids, and Frida and hers.  And I now share a birthday with 3 (temporary) family members!  (That's right, we are not keeping all the babies beyond our year in Auburn.  If you are interested in providing a home, let us know).



  1. This is big news around our house. Ella still talks about Frieda with great frequency. When I told her she now has 3 babies, Ella said she definitely wants one. We should "move up into the hills and have a farm so we can adopt Frieda #2." If only...... :-)

    Happy birthday Joey and Frieda's babies!!
    Love from the Schroeders

  2. Frida's babies are cute .......AND so is Frida!

  3. Rebecca, We can reserve one for you and drive it up when we are in Oregon in the spring.