Monday, August 22, 2011

Update: Choice?

Update from my last post:

In the morning I made some of those choices for my day today.  As expected, I did not choose to do nothing.  I decided to start by working on the irrigation.  But I needed parts, and I decided to "multitask" by doing something else I wanted to do: ride my bike (to go get what I needed).

It started out as a great ride on a gorgeous day, but about two thirds of the way through the 25-mile loop, I got lost.  Then I got a flat.  I attempted repair, but the leak continued.  I was able to ride about 2 minutes before I lost air, had to stop and pump up my tire again to ride 2 more minutes and so on.  This less-than-ideal bike riding style got me thinking about the "freedom" I had been considering yesterday and it reminded my of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes comic.  Calvin is standing over a plant with a full watering can.  He goes on for a couple of frames about how he is like a god deciding for the plant whether it will live or die.  In the last frame, Calvin is still standing there with his full watering can but in the pouring rain.  Now he is silent and looking disgruntled.

I don' feel disgruntled.  It was still an excellent day.  I got the irrigation fixed, everyone came home, we found a rattlesnake (that did not bite us, see Eli's post), did some school work, sang, had a scavenger hunt, took care of the animals, ate watermelon, discussed the periodic table, and read.  But like Calvin, I also had a good reminder about the the power we ultimately have in making our choices.

See the comic strip

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